Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hello again to the world of Bloggerville, here I am again. I have been amazed to
see the visits to my blog....I wonder how
all those people stumble onto my entries.
Monica installed a little spot on my blog
that I can click - and see who my visitors
are.  That is interesting.  Some people click on...and right off again...either they made a mistake....or didn't like the drivel they saw....and took off.  Some people stay for almost an hour.....that puzzles me... be it, that is how it is in this
blogger technology. 
       I received some bad news that derailed
me for awhile.  My former boss lost his
battle with Alzheimer's at the age of 87.
      He and his family were always good
friends with me and my family..... He had
only enemies....he was one of
the most intelligent doctors in the US. (no
kidding)  He was the one who was called to
Washington, DC to explain to congress what bills that concerned medical issues
meant and to explain the terminology so
could fully understand what they would
be voting for.....or against.  He declined a
job offered to him by the White House.
He was involved in a good deal of space
medicine,and was instrumental in putting
a man on the moon.  He was reputed to be one of the 6 most intelligent people in the US....and was a member of some kind of a
"think tank",  Yet - as a doctor and a member of our office, he was just a kind to
the mentally challenged janitor, as he was
to the Vice Presidents, who often came to
see him.
     He was the director of medical services
of TWA.   It was a large department.... we
had 4 full time doctors and several nurses
and technicians.  He came to work there
a short time after I did.  I worked there for
30 years.
     He always liked my poetry, and had a
drawer in his desk where he kept it. 
I wrote one for him once....

             ODE OF THE ODD
               (To Dr. Gullett)

Kind and true, old trusted boss,
Who keeps me on my feet,
I'm coming to a crisis, Doc
Ya gotta help me meet.
My teeth are gone and now I have
Bifocals on my nose,
You'll understand my stumbles,
With this blurring - I suppose.
Once I had a younger boss,
You had a younger nurse,
The boss had best stay better for,
The nurse is getting worse.

Helen just dropped by to visit....see you later
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty


Anonymous said...

You know what I like most about this blog of yours, Gram? I get to read stories about your life and past experiences that I have never known before!

I enjoy reading your poems, too!


sarah said...

So sorry about your friend / former boss. It's hard for friends / family to be gone, no matter how short or long they were around.

Kim said...

Hi Gram! So sorry about your loss. I love reading all your poems, they make me cry, they make me laugh and they always make me smile. The orphan poem is very dear to my heart. God Bless You!