Sunday, October 26, 2008

    To the droppers-by of my blog.....hello.

This is a crisp sunny day in the Ozarks.  It  touches the fall colors, and makes one take a second look a the turning leaves.
A slight breeze brings a certain kind of energy and life to the dangling leaf remnants - and makes me glad to be here.
     Since this is Sunday, I have excused myself from all daily chores, and vowed to
watch my new TV ..... all day if I choose...and
of course also do my "blogging" 
     I know that you understand that I am still learning. I am telling myself that
if there is perhaps a type of "blogging
etiquette" that I  am omitting...or perhaps committing you will excuse me. 
    I have discovered one thing....I can click on a little spot - and see the number of
visitors I have had....and even what part
of the world they are from....and I am
taken aback.  It is amazing...I feel like an
ant that just saw an elephant.
    I enjoy writing poems, some have been
published and some have not.  I hope that you enjoy them.  If not :) escape is just a "click" away..........:)  ;)

                    THE LUSH
I plan to write a snappy book,
About a dashing handsome crook,
Who wooed the ladies young and old,
And melted hearts that once were cold.
None could see he was a curse,
To any ladies loaded purse,
From each he grew a little richer,
And then in time - he'd up and ditch her.
I'll set a very saddened stage,
With mystery dancing on each page.

I'll shade it some - so none will know,
.......................I too..........lost ole Romeo


Twilight - half night - sinking sun,
Tell us that the day is done,

Awesome beauty there to see,
A glimpse --- into eternity,

Sunset artist -- Precious One,
Thank you for the setting sun.


God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty


sarah said...

Beautiful weather is so delightful (as are your poems)!

It's good to stop in here and 'visit' you from TN!

Lisa said...

Hey Grammer!! I just absolutely LOVE your poems!! I miss you very much and will hopefully be seeing you shortly. I LOVE YOU!!

Nadine said...

I love your poems Mary. I think you're starting to get a handle on this blogging thing.

Anonymous said...

GRAMMMM....WHERE ARE YOU???? Days upon days have passed without a single word being added to your blog!!! What has happened???!!!!