Saturday, October 25, 2008

       I have had several nice remarks regarding Gus, and I feel for the most part they are well deserved  BUT - He surprised me a few nights ago.  It is my practice to keep him inside at night.   He always enjoys being inside, and is well behaved.   He finds a spot on the floor close to me, and that is
usually the end of the story.   He goes to sleep 
       A few evenings ago,  what with all of the political news reaching such high
intensity, and me being interested in all that stuff, I decided as I many times to - to
watch it from the a prone position
with a comfortable pillow.
        I awakened sometime in the night, still
fully dressed of course.  I was somewhat
surprised...and for more reasons than one.
I didn't see Gus.  He is usually within sight.  I found him, to my absolute astonishment-- you would never guess where.  ON MY BED
in my room. Not protecting ME at all. I was wide awake in no time!!
     Gus is a very big dog.  Larger than most
German Shepherds I am told.  He is huge.
       I didn't know whether to laugh....or
yell at him.  He was not curled up, as you
might imagine.  He was sprawled out ...all
over the bed.  He was lying on his side with
all four legs extended out in front of him.
He did not have his head on the pillow, but
he almost covered the bed from top to bottom.. What a sight to see in the middle of  the night!!! And that is not the end of it....since it had rained that day....and he had been out in the yard.....the sheets were
dusty  to say the least.....with a few dog hairs tossed in. 
       I sent him to the living room, closed the door and slept on the couch for the night. He slept on the floor, although I noticed that he made several investigative trips to the bedroom door
       I will be happy when I learn all the ins
and outs of this business of blogging.  I didn't know there was such a thing, until Monica taught me.  I am SO anxious to learn more about it.....and function on my own.
       When I turned 75 my son Joe, gave me a WebTV, since I knew nothing about computers.  That was nine years ago. I still don't know anything about computers, but I have had several updated models of the
webtvs, as they have been produced.  This
one is fairly recent. 
        My memory sometimes fails me.  I have worked on it endlessly, and compared to days gone by, I have made great strides.
It was maybe 15 years ago, I had a near fatal heart attack.  My brain was deprived of oxygen long enough to cause me to lose my short term memory. My long term memory was not affected....but I do have some trouble  yet with specific things...It can be terribly frustrating.  I find myself in
one of those situations now.  Monica showed me specifically how to respond to the  comments left on my blog.   I am so
thrilled to see the origin of some of them.
.....I would love to respond.....I did respond to one..... but now the skill is gone....  I will
write it down when Monica is here next time.
       I have had some nice comments on my  poems....You had better not say so, if you don't mean it........cause here comes another one.          


Dearest Lord I thank you for,
The soul you breathed into
The dust I am. I hope I can
Return it Lord to you.
Joyful once, a happy soul
A soul you made so pure,
Shackles of my sins, my soul,
In pain must now endure.
Saddened now my starving soul
Is longing so - for Thee,
So am I because, dear Lord,
It is a part of me.
Dearest Lord, I'm sorry for,
The many wrongs I've done.
My sins are in the nails I know,
That crucified Your Son.
My soul is longing for you Lord.
And now I wait for Thee.
Forgive the sin - please live within
The soul you gave to me.   
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty


Anonymous said...

Gram, I'm so sorry you have been having such fits trying to comment on other blogs. I don't know when I will be able to come to Osceola next (and it might be that Lisa will make it up there before I can...and SHE can show you how to comment). At any rate, one or the other of us will have to help you with it, soon!

I love your poems! I'm glad you have been posting them!!!

I see Kim signed up to follow your blog! I will try and get her blog added to your side-bar so that it will be easier for you to follow her blog, too...

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Too cool, Gram!...I just noticed that I am officially your 100th visitor to this blog!

sarah said...

We have 2 dogs. They are not as big as Gus, but almost! Abby and Amy - they are sisters. Abby looks like a chow and Amy a German Shepherd. They are beautiful (they were rescued as tiny puppies on the highway). We also keep them indoors most of the time, esp. at night. I can totally understand how Gus would find the bed!! :-)

It's always great to read another of your poems!

Kim said...

Your poem brought me to tears...Beautiful, touching, you have such a gift. Thank You for sharing it with us. You are such a blessing to the blog world!

Kim said...

Oh and one more thing...I can totally imagine your dog Gus all sprawled out on your bed...our little runt Boston Terrier named Chloe likes to sleep on our bed with is a king and yet she somehow makes it feel like sleeping on a cot! She wedges her tiny little body right up next to me and then I can't move. We haven't yet been able to convince her to sleep elsewhere...even tried closing the door to our boys rooms with her in there but she someehow manages to find her way out and back into our room and I hate to close the door in case I need to hear them at night.