Thursday, November 27, 2008

I am wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Since this promises to be a
day of, as yet undetermined adventures,  I will just send a poem or two.  I wonder sometimes it my poems always make sense to other people.  They make sense to  me of course, but that is because they are the spillage of my thoughts.  It they don't make sense to you....just give them a toss....              

                RUMPLED STARCH

I've thanked the Lord so many times,
For showing me the way,
That I can serve him tenderly,
I thank Him everyday.

In my youth were many paths,
From which I sought to choose,
And I have loved the one I walk,
While wearing nurses shoes.

He made me not of what it takes,
To be a starched prim nurse,
But He filled my heart with love,
For Him - and unstarched verse.

The meter's maybe - incorrect,
Perhaps - imperfect verse,
But then I think I haven't heard,
There is -----a perfect nurse.


Love is a sweet melody,
That softly fills the room,
If the violin should stop,
The master has no tune,
The second one the fill the space,
May only play a fiddle,
The memory of the violin,
Remains there - in the middle,
The fiddle shouldn't play a tune ,
Or try a sweet refrain
For memories of yesteryear,
The master shall retain,
The fiddle has a different string,
It has a different bow,
And the music that it plays,
The master doesn't know.
The fiddler cannot burst forth,
And play a tune itself,
For the violinist left,
Some music on the shelf,
The dusty fiddle doesn't play,
Exhausted by the riddle,
It collects the dust because,
It is the second fiddle.


Once I thought the barber was,
So grossly out of line,
For It seemed he clipped me when,
He trimmed that son of mine,
Now, I'd love to dole it out,
I'd gladly pay him double,
If he' just reduce the mop,
Once more - to boyish stubble.


God, give him the grace to see,
The master of his life is Thee,

Take his saddened soul and mold,
Beauty from it's Godless cold,

From his heart the devil's hand,
Take - and let him understand,

Do not let it be his fate --
To stand alone at Heavens gate.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Monday, November 24, 2008

    This is not a day for prologues. This kind of day slips up now and then, and newspaper reading turns out to be the most risk free endeavor.  This is my second attempt to try blogging ... The first one landed in a dumpster somewhere.
    I am ashamed to say that the art of commenting has once again escaped me.  So..... thank you for visiting me, thank you for comments, and the next time Monica comes I will write down what she says and glue it to the TV.
    Lately it seems there has been more than
the usual amount of debating, between the pro life and the pro choice people.  I believe that people make such choices
based on their beliefs and experiences.
   I was working in surgery in Houston, many years ago, when a lady was brought in for treatment.  She was a semi conscious fourty-something year old who had attempted to abort herself.  The baby of course was dead and we had to finish the job.


Once I saw a little boy,
That had been forced to part,
From the womb that nestled him,
Beneath his mother's heart.
I saw his precious little hands,
And little legs and feet,
I saw his tiny little head,
And little face so sweet,
Little fingers not to reach,
To take a grandpa's hand,
Little feet to never run,
Across the grass and sand.
A little boy to never smile,
Or taste the lemonade,
Or nibble at the cookies that,
A loving grandma made.
Many times I've thought of him,
And as the years go by,
I think of him and wonder....
...The saddest way to die.
I wonder if his mother,
As daylight starts to dim,
Wonders like I wonder,
And if she thinks of him. 

God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Sunday, November 23, 2008

   This is  one of those days, when the world is so quiet we could hear a snowflake.  It's one of those days made for Gus and me.
   He spends a good bit of time snoozing,
with an occasional trip to and from the
food dish. Since he loves to be of service..
.... or at least THINK he has work to,  I try to  "accidentally" drop a pen...or a piece of paper as he is passing by 
    Because of Gus, I have reason to be a
more thankful person lately, and perhaps I
should also say... rested.  There have been
rumors of a prowler in this area for quite
some time now.  He broke into the house
across the street.....when they were home,
their dog bit him, the man of the house chased him but he got  away.  He  came back to the same house later...and got away a second time.  The deputies have a description of him, but they can't catch him.  He has been here twice...I think.  Once at 3:00 am ... pounding on the side of the house....and one evening around 8:00 pm.  Sooner of later they will catch him.  This is such a quiet area, that to have a thing like this is unusual.  The sheriff has asked for
everyone to keep a watch..
      These quiet days are good for cross word puzzles...and day dreaming and
reminiscing.  I like to think of days gone by, and although I am thankful for the conveniences of today, I am sorry that there seems to be so little of freedom of spirit, in the coming and going of people.
       Today has been a good day.  I have
reached back into time, and made good use of the memories created long ago.
I was born on the Potawatomie Reservation
and marvel in the memories that are   unbelievably beautiful. I have enjoyed thinking of the ponies, and our riding them bareback across the prairie... and the one room school house and the "water bucket" and the "water dipper" that we all used..
    I learned first hand - the love of God.  The love He has for us, it has done me well.  I did however pick up a few superstitions
that I carried into adulthood.  It was a little
embarrassing to face facts........and realize that lightening was not repelled by anyone
who was carrying a chicken.  I wonder if
God smiled when he saw us each grab a
chicken when one of the many thunder storms popped up.
      We had a dog that was half coyote...
his name was "Cye"

The shadows on my lawn today,
Recall - days of the past,
I reminisce my childhood,
I was a happy, carefree lass,
Long ago on another lawn
I sang and played in the sun,
My parents were there and happy
As they watched me having fun,
During the day in the sunshine,
I played with my dog "Ole Cye"
I think he was almost human -
Real friends - that dog and I.
The shadows I see are a memory,
I love them, although I am sad,
As I think of happy days,
I spent with Mon and Dad.

I heard a mother yesterday,
Say to her child so small,
"I missed a lot in life my dear,
But kid ---you"ll have it all"
I paused and reminisced a bit,
Of shadows on the lawn,
I thought again of faithful Cye,
And how we raced the dawn.
I thought of those happy days,
And of the love we shared.
Of all the little heartaches,
My daddy's kisses spared
My mother taught me gratitude, ,
Her heart was full of love,
She taught me then the value of,
The gifts from God above.

When I heard that mother,
My thoughts began to stray,
And if I ever have a child,
.....I know what I will say.
"Love the better things in life,
The things no one can buy,
You need to know the value of,
The birds, the rain, and sky.
Love the things God sends, my dear
The clouds and trees at dawn,
And when you are grown, you'll love
.........The shadows on your lawn.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Monday, November 17, 2008

I tried to send a comment to Kim, and guess
what.? ended up on my own blog. Oh dear - who wants me on their "smart team?"  I am going to give it one more try...
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty
    Thanks to Monica, I am back in business... She is for sure one person - who is full of the right direction. 
     My old TV died a good while ago, that was when Lisa and Monica brought a new one from Bolivar.  It was a delight to watch, and to use in connection with my WebTV.  Monica had taught me to blog. and I was in the process of learning to reply to comments when the BRAND NEW TV died.
     Monica came and picked up the  the  dead TV a few days ago, and  today she reinstalled the new one.  What a difference a day makes...what a difference a new TV makes....and what a difference Monica makes. 
Once a classic verse I wrote,
About old Fred - my lovely goat,
Graceful horns adorned his head,
Such a classic goat - was Fred,
He was somehow not the same,
As other goats, he was urbane,
I was inspired - so proud to own,
That old goat - I wrote a poem,
Alas - the verse I can't recall,
I'll write hereafter on the wall,
Oh classic verse!  Oh ravished fate!
My very best - old Freddie ate. 

God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Sunday, November 2, 2008

If anyone is interested in my dear friend and former boss, his obit. is in today's
Kansas City Star.  C C Gullett, MD.  His
wife Ada Mae, was just as nice as he was.
I think it is very unusual for any one person
to accomplish the things he did, and remain
in his own estimation a common individual...
He was born in a sod hut in Canada.  When
he went to medical school, he lived in an
attic room of a large house, he put cardboard in the bottom of his shoes, and
lived on day old food from the bakery.
      I don't know the name of his religion,
but he was one of the most devout men I
have ever known.  He taught me a great deal about God.
      Sometimes on his way home from
work he would stop past by to see my dad.  They would set on lawn chairs in the back yard....and watch the garden grow. My
dad at the time was in poor health, my dad
only went through the 5th grade.  My dad
operated a successful business, but he had
little former education.  Read about  Dr. Gullett, and then imagine the two of them-
true and trusted friends.
       One of our technicians was attempting to make a coat.  She had trouble with the
button holes.  Dr. Gullett took it home with
him....and finished it.  
       As you will note he was also in charge of the medical services at Saudi an Arabian
Airlines, along with Ethiopian Airlines
       Work trips were necessary for us to go
from Kansas City to Jedda, Saudi Arabia.
The Saudi's expected us to go to work at once - when we stepped of the plane.  It was a 22 hour flight.  Dr. Gullett satisfied them...and took care of us at the same time.... by having us manage our time, so that we had a three day rest (and fun) stop-over, either in Rome or Cairo.  It was just a short flight on to Jedda, we just hopped off the plane full of pep....and went right to work.
       Please look him up, and read about an
unusually nice man, who was a true friend
of God.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Many years ago God knew,
The world was filled with sin,
He also knew of Mary and,
The love she had for Him,
Gabriel was an angel,
Who lived with God above,
He was sent to Mary with,
A message of His love,
Mary welcomed Jesus,
He was the Father's Son,
Though many women waited,
She was the chosen one.
She loved the Holy Infant,
He lived in her good house,
And they were both protected,
By Joseph- Mary's spouse.
She guided Him in childhood,
She taught Him how to talk,
She gave Him tender kisses and,
She watched Him learn to walk,
He grew to holy manhood,
She was so proud of Him,
She knew her gentle Jesus,
Would die because of sin,
Many were His friends until,
He was at Pilate's gate,
Then in fright they fled because,
They knew of His sad fate,
His mother's heart of courage,
Knew they had fled in shame,
She walked along beside Him,
And breathed His holy name,
On the cross they nailed her Son,
She saw that precious blood,
In pain He looked at Mary,
And knew He understood,
In grief He saw His mother,
In death she saw her Son,
They suffered there together,
He and the chosen one.
A sword of sorrow pierced the heart,
That once was filled with joy,
For though He was the Son of God,
................He also was............her boy.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty
     I am as yet, unable to reply to comments.
...or to make comments on anyone else's
blog.  This machine has the capabilities I am sure.  The inadequacies are to be found in the hands of the typist......and that will, I am sure be remedied when help arrives.
    In the meantime there is not much to report from these parts......except there is
a prowler in this area  Yes, believe it or not, in this sleepy, sunny, hilly, friendly
little section of the countryside there is a prowler.  He has strange habits and the
law enforcement people have been trying
to catch him for a good while now.  He
broke into my neighbor's house, their dog
bit him and he ran away.  He outran the man of the house.....but he later came back
and they still were unable to catch him.
    He has been here twice, once to pound on the side of the house at 3am. I was
asleep, but my daughter-in-law heard him.
A few evenings ago at 8pm, someone was in my car. I heard a car door close, but there was no car in the driveway except mine.
    I didn't phone the law...I thought they might think it a little silly to report such a
thing.....but they were here the following
day for about an hour.  They ask me to
phone if I heard........anything at all.  I did
not notice until yesterday that someone
had trampled down some bamboo stalks
near the front porch.  Because of Gus, my
German Shepherd I am not afraid. He is
inside always at nigiht. I must admit though that I did not open the door
to even try to see what was going on.
I would have expected myself to at least look out a small window in the door...
    I think today I will share a poem that I
wrote following an office visit, with my
granddaughter.  It was her first sonogram,
and her first pregnancy. 


Dearest little baby,
      You linger in my dreams,
Time is passing slowly,
      Or to me it seems,
I dream of little fingers,
       And tiny little toes,
Of other things I wonder,
       But only Jesus knows,
He's making every little hair,
       And setting it in place,
Soon He'll make a tiny smile,
       And put it on your face,
I wonder if your precious eyes,
       Are blue or green or brown,
I wonder if your little ears,
       As yet can hear a sound,
Jesus gives us many gifts,
        He plans each one with care,
When you see the light of day,
        A gift awaits you there.
That gift will always love you,
        Though not a part of you,
You are it's love completion,
        And you will love it too.
When your days are happy,
        And also when they're sad,
That gift will hold you snugly,
        It is your Mom and Dad.   

God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dear Bloggers.....I think I have messed up
I entered 3 poems, and they ended up
being in the wrong order.  Don't waste
your time here.   I will do better later.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty
Dearest-precious-gentle dad,
Truest friend I ever had,
On your pillow white and soft,
Closed your eyes and drifted off,
Went into a deep sleep,
Angels there, their watch to keep,
Then they softly took you Dad
I miss you, but I am not sad,
You are where you longed to be,
Happy there, our Lord to see,
No regrets - you had to go,
I loved you Dad, and told you so.
Look down on me now and then,
Guidance often to me send,
For you know I need your help,
I feel so lost - here by myself,
As before, please take my hand,
You just lead, I'll understand,
When my earthlly sojourn ends,
Please be the angel that He sends.

Just one year ago today,
Precious Dad, you passed away,
I have tried so hard to pray,
But there is no prayer to say,
You now have the crown you sought,
With that Precious Blood He bought.

            I WONDER
Was it just three years ago
Dad, that you passed away?
Often times still yet it seems,
I think of you and - pray,
In your happiness supreme,
With Heaven there to see,
I wonder if by chance, somehow,
You sometimes think of me.

God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty
I had just finished my blog for the day ....and
the machine ate it.....
      I will send a poem and forget the rest.
This poem I think..... needs a page of it's own anyway.  It only took 10 mminutes to
write it.........but I lost a bucvket of tears in
the process.    (In 1965)
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Friday, October 31, 2008

    A beautiful gift arrived in the mail today.
Danny sent me another of his awards, I have a collection of his beautiful railroad
commemorative plates. I am excited. He enclosed a precious note.......and I love him.
He  also enclosed some candy etc....
    I will explain about Danny.  When he
was about 5 or 6 years old, his father left
him at an orphanage, and only came back to visit once.  I happened to drive past the orphanage on my way to and from work
every day.  Big chain link fence....concrete
playground....And you know --- how those thoughts creep in when you least expect them...."But for the Grace of own
little boy could be there."
    One thought leads to another, and I will
spare the details. You know how it is...once
in awhile ....God just steps in and all we need really do is follow. Although the adoption was a private affair (in our hearts -- in the chapel)  Danny spent all weekends at our house.  I have precious memories -- of those long ago days -- He made himself at home very quickly, immediately making my son Joe, his brother...he suddenly had cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.... and took his place in the family - on the very first day.
Climbing on laps and giving hugs....(and
also demanding HIS rights as a member of
the family.  He was wearing a very thin little jacket, on a cold day.  He had his
only toys in his pocket.  A little plastic
cowboy and indian...that were actually not
even his.  Mother Superior had let him
borrow them (to give him a sense of security - she said) 
    Because his father(and other relatives)
were living he was not legally adoptable.
He was sent to Boys town.  We visited him
there routinely every three months, and he
came home on vacations each summer.
    He is soon to retire from the railroad, he
has a good work record, I am very proud of
him .... and so....although I gave birth to only
one ...........I really have two boys.
            Orphan's Prayer

A little boy came in to pray,
In a quiet church one day,
And I wept, as I knelt there,
For I heard an orphan' prayer.
"God" he said, "You have my dad,
He was all I really had."
Do You remember long ago?
Mama died.  I guess You know.
Why God did the hand of fate,
Take my love - and not my hate?
Will You really give me joy..
Even though I'm no one's boy?
Often, I heard Mama say,
Everyone should pause, and pray.
She said You were always near,
And we could whisper in Your ear.
I do pray, but when I try,
Every time, it seems, I cry.
Oh please tell me what to do,
All I have today  - is You."
Then he bowed his little head,
I couldn't hear just what he said,
But I'd heard enough to know,
Why Jesus always loved them so.
         I think for some of my new blogger
friends who like poetry, I will enclose this
one....I think it will not make sense though unless I explain it's purpose. My friend had
two friends that were getting married.  they
were both artists..and she wanted to offer a  toast for them..


Here's to the bride,
And here's to the groom,
Here's to the picture,
That you will paint soon,
Paint it with gladness,
And saddness and love,
Paint it with graces
From God up above,
Paint it with goodness,
And paint it with strife,
Paint it with marriage,
Enduring for life,
Make it a canvas
No one can destroy,
Make it a lifetime,
That's painted with joy.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Thursday, October 30, 2008

oops.......correction to my last entry....I clipped it off in a hurry to visit with my
friend Helen. (She is 87).... the next to the
last poem   ... Ode to the odd.....has a mistake in the next to the last line.
It should be    ...  The boss had best stay
better..............for the nurse is getting worse.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty
Hello again to the world of Bloggerville, here I am again. I have been amazed to
see the visits to my blog....I wonder how
all those people stumble onto my entries.
Monica installed a little spot on my blog
that I can click - and see who my visitors
are.  That is interesting.  Some people click on...and right off again...either they made a mistake....or didn't like the drivel they saw....and took off.  Some people stay for almost an hour.....that puzzles me... be it, that is how it is in this
blogger technology. 
       I received some bad news that derailed
me for awhile.  My former boss lost his
battle with Alzheimer's at the age of 87.
      He and his family were always good
friends with me and my family..... He had
only enemies....he was one of
the most intelligent doctors in the US. (no
kidding)  He was the one who was called to
Washington, DC to explain to congress what bills that concerned medical issues
meant and to explain the terminology so
could fully understand what they would
be voting for.....or against.  He declined a
job offered to him by the White House.
He was involved in a good deal of space
medicine,and was instrumental in putting
a man on the moon.  He was reputed to be one of the 6 most intelligent people in the US....and was a member of some kind of a
"think tank",  Yet - as a doctor and a member of our office, he was just a kind to
the mentally challenged janitor, as he was
to the Vice Presidents, who often came to
see him.
     He was the director of medical services
of TWA.   It was a large department.... we
had 4 full time doctors and several nurses
and technicians.  He came to work there
a short time after I did.  I worked there for
30 years.
     He always liked my poetry, and had a
drawer in his desk where he kept it. 
I wrote one for him once....

             ODE OF THE ODD
               (To Dr. Gullett)

Kind and true, old trusted boss,
Who keeps me on my feet,
I'm coming to a crisis, Doc
Ya gotta help me meet.
My teeth are gone and now I have
Bifocals on my nose,
You'll understand my stumbles,
With this blurring - I suppose.
Once I had a younger boss,
You had a younger nurse,
The boss had best stay better for,
The nurse is getting worse.

Helen just dropped by to visit....see you later
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Sunday, October 26, 2008

    To the droppers-by of my blog.....hello.

This is a crisp sunny day in the Ozarks.  It  touches the fall colors, and makes one take a second look a the turning leaves.
A slight breeze brings a certain kind of energy and life to the dangling leaf remnants - and makes me glad to be here.
     Since this is Sunday, I have excused myself from all daily chores, and vowed to
watch my new TV ..... all day if I choose...and
of course also do my "blogging" 
     I know that you understand that I am still learning. I am telling myself that
if there is perhaps a type of "blogging
etiquette" that I  am omitting...or perhaps committing you will excuse me. 
    I have discovered one thing....I can click on a little spot - and see the number of
visitors I have had....and even what part
of the world they are from....and I am
taken aback.  It is amazing...I feel like an
ant that just saw an elephant.
    I enjoy writing poems, some have been
published and some have not.  I hope that you enjoy them.  If not :) escape is just a "click" away..........:)  ;)

                    THE LUSH
I plan to write a snappy book,
About a dashing handsome crook,
Who wooed the ladies young and old,
And melted hearts that once were cold.
None could see he was a curse,
To any ladies loaded purse,
From each he grew a little richer,
And then in time - he'd up and ditch her.
I'll set a very saddened stage,
With mystery dancing on each page.

I'll shade it some - so none will know,
.......................I too..........lost ole Romeo


Twilight - half night - sinking sun,
Tell us that the day is done,

Awesome beauty there to see,
A glimpse --- into eternity,

Sunset artist -- Precious One,
Thank you for the setting sun.


God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Saturday, October 25, 2008

       I have had several nice remarks regarding Gus, and I feel for the most part they are well deserved  BUT - He surprised me a few nights ago.  It is my practice to keep him inside at night.   He always enjoys being inside, and is well behaved.   He finds a spot on the floor close to me, and that is
usually the end of the story.   He goes to sleep 
       A few evenings ago,  what with all of the political news reaching such high
intensity, and me being interested in all that stuff, I decided as I many times to - to
watch it from the a prone position
with a comfortable pillow.
        I awakened sometime in the night, still
fully dressed of course.  I was somewhat
surprised...and for more reasons than one.
I didn't see Gus.  He is usually within sight.  I found him, to my absolute astonishment-- you would never guess where.  ON MY BED
in my room. Not protecting ME at all. I was wide awake in no time!!
     Gus is a very big dog.  Larger than most
German Shepherds I am told.  He is huge.
       I didn't know whether to laugh....or
yell at him.  He was not curled up, as you
might imagine.  He was sprawled out ...all
over the bed.  He was lying on his side with
all four legs extended out in front of him.
He did not have his head on the pillow, but
he almost covered the bed from top to bottom.. What a sight to see in the middle of  the night!!! And that is not the end of it....since it had rained that day....and he had been out in the yard.....the sheets were
dusty  to say the least.....with a few dog hairs tossed in. 
       I sent him to the living room, closed the door and slept on the couch for the night. He slept on the floor, although I noticed that he made several investigative trips to the bedroom door
       I will be happy when I learn all the ins
and outs of this business of blogging.  I didn't know there was such a thing, until Monica taught me.  I am SO anxious to learn more about it.....and function on my own.
       When I turned 75 my son Joe, gave me a WebTV, since I knew nothing about computers.  That was nine years ago. I still don't know anything about computers, but I have had several updated models of the
webtvs, as they have been produced.  This
one is fairly recent. 
        My memory sometimes fails me.  I have worked on it endlessly, and compared to days gone by, I have made great strides.
It was maybe 15 years ago, I had a near fatal heart attack.  My brain was deprived of oxygen long enough to cause me to lose my short term memory. My long term memory was not affected....but I do have some trouble  yet with specific things...It can be terribly frustrating.  I find myself in
one of those situations now.  Monica showed me specifically how to respond to the  comments left on my blog.   I am so
thrilled to see the origin of some of them.
.....I would love to respond.....I did respond to one..... but now the skill is gone....  I will
write it down when Monica is here next time.
       I have had some nice comments on my  poems....You had better not say so, if you don't mean it........cause here comes another one.          


Dearest Lord I thank you for,
The soul you breathed into
The dust I am. I hope I can
Return it Lord to you.
Joyful once, a happy soul
A soul you made so pure,
Shackles of my sins, my soul,
In pain must now endure.
Saddened now my starving soul
Is longing so - for Thee,
So am I because, dear Lord,
It is a part of me.
Dearest Lord, I'm sorry for,
The many wrongs I've done.
My sins are in the nails I know,
That crucified Your Son.
My soul is longing for you Lord.
And now I wait for Thee.
Forgive the sin - please live within
The soul you gave to me.   
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Friday, October 24, 2008

To Kim... I tried to contact you by way of your comment..... but couldn't figure out
how to do it.  You asked what a "mangy put" was......I am sorry, that was a mistake it was supposed to be "mangy pup".   thanks for you comment.
I will have to wait for Monica to refresh me
on many of these things.   Right now she
and Lisa are on a camping trip. 
         Dear friends of the blogging world.
It seems that most of Monica's instructions
have escaped me. Although she is a good teacher - she has had little training, or practice with the generation of "fleeting thoughts."
         I dare not dwell on the fact that I am
having trouble acknowledging your comments....since I am having trouble locating the entire contents of my own blog. If and when Monica musters the
courage to give it another shot... I will
do better..
         For now, I say - thank you for stopping by, and please know that I am enjoying your greetings.        

                   My Son Joe

Once a lady said to me,
With such a pleasant smile,
"I've no children, for I know,
They'd really cramp my style."
Style - perhaps - but only that,
I'm sure she couldn't know,
What it's like to have a son --
Grown up - and that's my Joe.

He once brought in homeless cats,
Also............a mangy put,
It seems he did so many things,
-- I did -- when growing up.
He has come home with the dawn,
I've had some sleepless nights,
He has bent the fenders and,
He's had a couple fights,
He has left the bathtub black,
And clothes piled on the floor.
He has left his room a mess -
I could have told her more....

About the joy..for when a boy,
Is grown - how nice to know,
The boy has changed, a man remains
A  son.......and that's my Joe.

God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I would like to say "hello" to the visitors of
my blog.  As I think you know, I began this
new adventure only a few days ago, with
Monica's help.  She was here again today
with my granddaughter Lisa.  My old TV was in terrible shape,  (I use a WebTV instead of a computer.)  They brought a new TV,  they had to disconnect the old one, with the many connecting cables that went in all directions...and then remember where they went..... to the vcr, the WebTV,
the printer...and a couple of other things
that belong to the phone company.
      Monica instructed me further in blogging, but now that she is gone, I am
having difficulty in contacting those that
have visited me.  I think I may have been
too smitten with the new TV.  She did say while she was here that there was something wrong (or maybe she said "down") in the "blogger". I will try again later.  For now I will leave you with
a happy heart, and a poem ...............
          First Impression
Sadly I have come to know,
Famous sayings are not so,
I have heard the old expression,
That a lasting first impression,
Always carries great impact,
That's a theory - not a fact.
It doesn't pay to bite into,
Anything too much to  chew,
Poor advice - and so I say,
Forget it.  I have had to pay.
Fallacies they are indeed,
And for now I shall not heed
Sayings.  In my new adventure,
Nothing works with a new denture 
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To all visitors to my blog...thanks for clicking in.....and please don't give up
on me.  I am hale and hardy and ready
to go....but my dilapidated TV is giving
me a problem.  I am planning to buy a new one very soon, and hope to have someone who can connect it to the webtv.  In the
meantime I will check my blog as best I
can... and although I have never left a comment on anyone's blog...I may give it a try.
    It is quite simple to enter things on my
own blog.  I don't know if they all work this
way, but Monica fixed this so that I can just
send messages  to my own bog (for you to
read) by sending emails to it. 
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I was excited to know I had so many visitors....what fun!!..I know very little
about all this, but with a teacher like Monica all things are possible...and I am
going to give it a try.  Thanks to everyone
for stopping by.
                      And so.....
    I find myself in blogoshpere,
    And wonder what I'm dong here,
    I know not of technology,
    But have no apology....
                                            I wish to stay.
     To get "on-blog" is quite an art,
     But I've mastered that first part,
     I type..and quicky hit the "SEND"
     Can't find where to hit the "END"
                                               But yet I may.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Monday, October 20, 2008

       This is my first attempt to enter something on my blog after having been given some much needed assistance.
Monica came from Bolivar to help me out.
What a life saver and what a sweetie. 
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Just some more testing!!!

Okay, here we are trying to figure out what all we can do on this blog!!!

My first post (for Monica)

Monica is here, and we are trying to make
me comfortable (and smart) in all things
regarding blogs.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Job Not Yet Finished...

About a year and a half ago, Laura had asked me to sort through Gram's poems and pick out some to put together into a notebook. To pay me for doing this, Laura made my family some (many!!!) delicious suppers. But, just after I had agreed to do this for her, Grant got his new job in Bolivar and we moved helter skelter. Laura had planned to give Gram the book of her poems for her birthday that year, but, though I gobbled down the payment for my work, I got side-tracked with the busyness of moving and a new job (that chronically demanded overtime hours from me) and I never got past illustrating/printing the first seven or eight poems. I hope Laura won't mind if I put them here on your blog, Gram. It was Laura's idea and meant to be her gift to you July before last. Look at the very bottom of your blog and you can see a preview of the book that Laura conceived and paid for, for you...

(posted by Monica to Mary's blog)

The pups are four months old now!

~Laura and her pup, Vader!~

~Lisa with Gabby

and Iran with Gabby (or rather Pachis, as he calls her!)!~

~Monica with Ransom!~

Three of Gus' offspring:

Violet and Gus had their first litter of pups on June 15, 2008. These are three of the ten pups.... Ransom Lin Pachis (owned by Gram's friend, Monica); Gabriella Pachis Susunaga (owned by Gram's granddaughter, Lisa); and Darth Vader (owned by Gram's granddaughter, Laura).

The Dawn of a New Blog

This is Mary Patty's own BLOG!!!!