Thursday, October 23, 2008

I would like to say "hello" to the visitors of
my blog.  As I think you know, I began this
new adventure only a few days ago, with
Monica's help.  She was here again today
with my granddaughter Lisa.  My old TV was in terrible shape,  (I use a WebTV instead of a computer.)  They brought a new TV,  they had to disconnect the old one, with the many connecting cables that went in all directions...and then remember where they went..... to the vcr, the WebTV,
the printer...and a couple of other things
that belong to the phone company.
      Monica instructed me further in blogging, but now that she is gone, I am
having difficulty in contacting those that
have visited me.  I think I may have been
too smitten with the new TV.  She did say while she was here that there was something wrong (or maybe she said "down") in the "blogger". I will try again later.  For now I will leave you with
a happy heart, and a poem ...............
          First Impression
Sadly I have come to know,
Famous sayings are not so,
I have heard the old expression,
That a lasting first impression,
Always carries great impact,
That's a theory - not a fact.
It doesn't pay to bite into,
Anything too much to  chew,
Poor advice - and so I say,
Forget it.  I have had to pay.
Fallacies they are indeed,
And for now I shall not heed
Sayings.  In my new adventure,
Nothing works with a new denture 
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty


Nadine said...

You are a sweet soul. I love that you are blogging. Your granddaughter is delightful. She is a new blog friend of mine. It's always nice to meet new people. Have fun.

sarah said...

I love your funny poems!

About that 'Gram and Gus hanging out' photo. . . I can tell you would be in charge if it came to it! ;-)

Noemi said...

I am honored to be the first person's blog you commented on! You are so sweet.

I love your poems!

Take care and have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Gram! I just had to stop in and read your most recent post and the comments!

Nadine, I guess I ought to 'fess up...Gram isn't MY grandma...she is my best friend's grandma. Though I'm technically NOT her granddaughter, I take the perogative of claiming her!!!