Friday, October 31, 2008

    A beautiful gift arrived in the mail today.
Danny sent me another of his awards, I have a collection of his beautiful railroad
commemorative plates. I am excited. He enclosed a precious note.......and I love him.
He  also enclosed some candy etc....
    I will explain about Danny.  When he
was about 5 or 6 years old, his father left
him at an orphanage, and only came back to visit once.  I happened to drive past the orphanage on my way to and from work
every day.  Big chain link fence....concrete
playground....And you know --- how those thoughts creep in when you least expect them...."But for the Grace of own
little boy could be there."
    One thought leads to another, and I will
spare the details. You know how it is...once
in awhile ....God just steps in and all we need really do is follow. Although the adoption was a private affair (in our hearts -- in the chapel)  Danny spent all weekends at our house.  I have precious memories -- of those long ago days -- He made himself at home very quickly, immediately making my son Joe, his brother...he suddenly had cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.... and took his place in the family - on the very first day.
Climbing on laps and giving hugs....(and
also demanding HIS rights as a member of
the family.  He was wearing a very thin little jacket, on a cold day.  He had his
only toys in his pocket.  A little plastic
cowboy and indian...that were actually not
even his.  Mother Superior had let him
borrow them (to give him a sense of security - she said) 
    Because his father(and other relatives)
were living he was not legally adoptable.
He was sent to Boys town.  We visited him
there routinely every three months, and he
came home on vacations each summer.
    He is soon to retire from the railroad, he
has a good work record, I am very proud of
him .... and so....although I gave birth to only
one ...........I really have two boys.
            Orphan's Prayer

A little boy came in to pray,
In a quiet church one day,
And I wept, as I knelt there,
For I heard an orphan' prayer.
"God" he said, "You have my dad,
He was all I really had."
Do You remember long ago?
Mama died.  I guess You know.
Why God did the hand of fate,
Take my love - and not my hate?
Will You really give me joy..
Even though I'm no one's boy?
Often, I heard Mama say,
Everyone should pause, and pray.
She said You were always near,
And we could whisper in Your ear.
I do pray, but when I try,
Every time, it seems, I cry.
Oh please tell me what to do,
All I have today  - is You."
Then he bowed his little head,
I couldn't hear just what he said,
But I'd heard enough to know,
Why Jesus always loved them so.
         I think for some of my new blogger
friends who like poetry, I will enclose this
one....I think it will not make sense though unless I explain it's purpose. My friend had
two friends that were getting married.  they
were both artists..and she wanted to offer a  toast for them..


Here's to the bride,
And here's to the groom,
Here's to the picture,
That you will paint soon,
Paint it with gladness,
And saddness and love,
Paint it with graces
From God up above,
Paint it with goodness,
And paint it with strife,
Paint it with marriage,
Enduring for life,
Make it a canvas
No one can destroy,
Make it a lifetime,
That's painted with joy.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty


sarah said...

I am up FAR too late. . . however, I checked here quickly and I read your story about Danny (and I had to comment)! What a powerful story, experience, testimony. . . for all involved!

It's heartening to read how we love each other in this world (a world lacking, too often, of so little love).

Love, love the 'wedding toast' too!!

Anonymous said...

I have some wonderful wisdom.

Anonymous said...

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