Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dearest-precious-gentle dad,
Truest friend I ever had,
On your pillow white and soft,
Closed your eyes and drifted off,
Went into a deep sleep,
Angels there, their watch to keep,
Then they softly took you Dad
I miss you, but I am not sad,
You are where you longed to be,
Happy there, our Lord to see,
No regrets - you had to go,
I loved you Dad, and told you so.
Look down on me now and then,
Guidance often to me send,
For you know I need your help,
I feel so lost - here by myself,
As before, please take my hand,
You just lead, I'll understand,
When my earthlly sojourn ends,
Please be the angel that He sends.

Just one year ago today,
Precious Dad, you passed away,
I have tried so hard to pray,
But there is no prayer to say,
You now have the crown you sought,
With that Precious Blood He bought.

            I WONDER
Was it just three years ago
Dad, that you passed away?
Often times still yet it seems,
I think of you and - pray,
In your happiness supreme,
With Heaven there to see,
I wonder if by chance, somehow,
You sometimes think of me.

God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty


Kim said...

that is such a sweet poem. I lost my Dad just last year. I went home to see him at Thanksgiving and as I sat there holding his hand and saying goodbye I knew he was going home and I wasn't sad at all. At his funeral it was hard to sit through it while family was crying and not shed a tear...I was not sad for him because I knew he had gone home to a better place...I was happy for him. I guess your not supposed to be happy at a funeral for your dad but I had the opportunity to share a few last moments with him and when he said to me in a soft whisper "Pray for me" I replied "Daddy I've never stopped" I didn't cry until I got on the plane to come home...then I knew I'd never be coming home to him again and then it hit me

Nadine said...

I love your poems. These touched my heart for even though I lost my Dad almost 20 years ago, I still miss him.