Sunday, November 2, 2008


Many years ago God knew,
The world was filled with sin,
He also knew of Mary and,
The love she had for Him,
Gabriel was an angel,
Who lived with God above,
He was sent to Mary with,
A message of His love,
Mary welcomed Jesus,
He was the Father's Son,
Though many women waited,
She was the chosen one.
She loved the Holy Infant,
He lived in her good house,
And they were both protected,
By Joseph- Mary's spouse.
She guided Him in childhood,
She taught Him how to talk,
She gave Him tender kisses and,
She watched Him learn to walk,
He grew to holy manhood,
She was so proud of Him,
She knew her gentle Jesus,
Would die because of sin,
Many were His friends until,
He was at Pilate's gate,
Then in fright they fled because,
They knew of His sad fate,
His mother's heart of courage,
Knew they had fled in shame,
She walked along beside Him,
And breathed His holy name,
On the cross they nailed her Son,
She saw that precious blood,
In pain He looked at Mary,
And knew He understood,
In grief He saw His mother,
In death she saw her Son,
They suffered there together,
He and the chosen one.
A sword of sorrow pierced the heart,
That once was filled with joy,
For though He was the Son of God,
................He also was............her boy.
God bless you  ---  Mary  Patty

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Nadine said...

How very well said Mary. I feel the mother's heart in this one.